CEM Coumputer Suite, Watts Building


Access the Computer Suite in the Library!

Access many Computer Suite Applications from the Aldrich Library with Terminal Server.
  • Log on to a machine in the Aldrich library.
  • Open the Application folder on the Desktop.
  • Double click the "Computer Suite Watts" icon and a Terminal Session will start.
  • Log on.
  • Use the Applications as required.
  • When finished log off the Terminal Server - the Terminal Session will close.
    (Do not just close the Terminal Server window, this will still leave your session running - any disconnected session will be killed after 5 minutes.)
  • Log off the local machine.

The Computer Suite

The Computer Suite is a facility for CEM students located in the Watts building on the Moulsecoomb Campus. It is a teaching room not a computer pool room.

  • There are 250 workstations running Windows 7, all of which are at least Core 2 Duo processors.
  • With a range of over 100+ software applications, most people will find everything they need.
  • There are 4 Laser printers (including colour) and facilities for scanning documents, photographs and negatives.

COLOUR printing is available in the Computer Suite

Need to change your password? Goto MyInfo

Watts Computer Suite Support: (01273) 642486.

Email Support: CEM-ComputerSuite@brighton.ac.uk

General University Enqiries: (01273) 600900.


FREE Microsoft software for University of Brighton students and staff...
The above link will take you to the MSDNAA site where you can log in to select and download software



Watts Opening
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